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Asus P8P67 Firewire Problem


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Hey guys.


I basically bought and build this SandyBridge build for audio production, and i'm kinda screwed lol.


Everything worked out well in the installation, i managed to install everything and i have a SL 10.6.6 running @ 64-bits pretty fast!


BUT...when i try to playback a project in Logic i'm always getting

"error while trying to synchronize audio and midi"


I have the Motu 828 MKII Audio Console.


Drivers are updated in the Motu side and in Logic side so i figured its a clock sync problem between logic and the Motu right? wrong i connected a totally different audio console allsaw FW, and the same thing occurs, after a ton of search i narrowed it down to the firewire support, or (and its just a reaching for the truth lol) its the SL not detecting my RAM correctly @ the About This Mac (so it means logic cant detect it either) my acctual RAM is 8gb 1600mhz (it detects 8gb 800mhz ddrII)


I tried the onboard FW port, and a PCIE firewire card (TxInstruments chip), both giving this error.


I am desperately need to get this working, thats the hole purpose i bought it lol.


Is anyone know if there is something needed to be don't with the firewire that i missed?

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