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Dell Inspiron 1545 with ATI 10.6.6 Install Guide


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Dell Inspiron 1545 Snow Leopard 10.6.6 Install Guide


This is how I set my C2D 1545 with ATI Video to boot Snow Leopard with almost everything working.


If you don't have C2D, you will probably have to get qoopz kernel for 10.6.6 (Its stickied in new releases) as we need the new graphics kexts for ATI Video


If you have Intel Graphics, I have read about others getting that working, but I cannot verify how.

See this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=188279


Stevo's blog also has kext for Intel Graphics




1) A Working installation of Snow Leopard 10.6.6 on another PC


2) A USB disk.


3) the attached dsdt.aml


4) Chameleon 2 RC4 or better


5) dong's RadeonHD.kext -- see the X Labs, ATI Framebuffer section.


6) VoodooPS2Controller.kext and VoodooHDA.kext


How to transfer the system:


1) Boot your working 10.6.6 installation. Use Disk Utility to "restore" the system to your USB drive.


2) delete any dsdt.aml file from the USB disk, and put the attached one in /Extra/Extensions


3) Unlike all the other guides you read do not move the ATI kexts out of /S/L/E


4) Locate IO8211Family.kext in /S/L/E

Locate AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext inside its plugins

Copy it to /Extra/Extensions

Open its info.plist. Under IONameMatch add:


If you are as compulsive as I am, delete the other device IDs so it won't conflict with the original you left in /S/L/E


5) Copy boot from Chameleon to the root of your USB drive


6) Copy VoodooPS2Controller.kext and VoodooHDA.kext to /S/L/E


7) Using Chameleon and dd , install boot0 to the MBR of your USB disk and boot1h to the partition's bootsector


8) Repair permissions & kext cache on USB disk.


9) Unmount the USB Disk


10) Prepare your 1545 by shrinking your Win 7 partition using compmgmt.msc

Create a new partition into which you will install OS X

Change the type of this partition to AF

(I use PTEdit32, which was bundled with Partition Magic. You could also boot a Linux live CD and use parted.)


11) Plug the USB disk into your 1545, push f12 to boot it. Use -f -v on 1st boot.


12) Use disk utility to "restore" the usb system to the partition you just made.


13) Use Chameleon and dd to install boot1h to the partitions bootsector.


14) Reboot into Win 7. You can use EasyBCD to add OS X to the Win 7 bootloader.


15) reboot into OS X. Use -f -v on 1st boot. DHCP now works, but I still assign IP addresses manually.


I have not tested sleep yet, and probably need to make changes in my DSDT to enable it -- I have it disabled in Pref Pan. The volume slider no longer works on top, but you can adjust the volume with the PCM slide in VoodooHDA Pref Pan.


All resolutions up to my native 1600x900 are listed in Pref Panel. QE/CI is partially functional; you can watch movies but Front Row does not work

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