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Asus CM5675


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So here we go lets start with what I got


I have a prebuilt rig Asus CM5675


Windows 7 Home Premium


Intell Core i5 650


Southbridge intell H55 chipset


Multiple OSX versions (iAtkos, Ideneb, Ipc and portable Snow installer)


Heres the lowdown. I have booted these to my external hd or flash drive (as I have a couple laying around) and boot into a newly partitioned NTFS drive I lettered as Z. I go to disk manager and right click this fresh partition and chose mark partition as active. I then reboot with my usb in a MBR that has been formated on my mac, and restored to the iPC iso and then added Ipc. I come to the Chameleon screen and I have a few choices, The one that says iPC a blank HD (which I asume is my 837 GB left over using Windows, then 2 choices, Windows, and OSX. I stay highlighted on ipc (or either of the others I have tried) and then type -v and start the procedure. Thats where my journey ends. My files flash by and then my computer just restarts and comes back to the same Chameleon page. I also have a burned Dvd-r of iAtkos v7 that does the same. I have spent hours, no maybe days researching and have not posted a word untill I have exhausted my options. I will continue trying but finally decided to post on this forum before I head out to buy some more DVD-r's. Replys would help so much. If you need more info, just ask. Thanks in advance




Wow I just went through this big thing, I was using iPC and my computer got into this cycle of restarting i changed my HD to AHCI and all hell broke lose, any help would be much appreciated

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