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OSX on a Lenovo Thinkpad Z60m

Martijn Kools

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I've tried to install OSX Tiger 10.4.6 x86 on my lenovo notebook.

(Full specs: http://www.ciao.co.uk/Productinformation/L..._2529__6480274).


As you can see my laptop has a Mobile Intel 915PM Express integrated video device.

When I boot OSX it's stuck with only a blue screen and no disk activity.

When I attach an external CRT monitor everything works fine.

Are there any workarounds or solutions for my videocard?


Even when I can fix it, I can see OSX doesn't support widescreen resolutions? (I need 1280x800).


My second problem is the NIC, it looks like OSX doesn't support it.

It detects an integrated device but it's always saying it has no cable plugged in.

There is a cable plugged in and the lights are blinking, any solution on that?


Thanks in advance!!

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