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Dell Inspiron E1705 Post Install Problem


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Hi, I've been lurking around this site for some time now. I've gotten A LOT of usefull information and I've been able to figure out must of the problems that I've had that haven't been specifically covered in the forums.


However, I've run into a problem on my latest OSx86 install that I can't figure out.


I installed iAtkos S3 v2. Everything seems to be working except for the touchpad, but I have an USB mouse that I'm using so it's not a big deal atm and I'll deal with it later when it begins to irritate me.


Here's the problem that I'm having. I can't run World of Warcraft. It installed fine (I have removed and reinstalled it). I have run the included repair process, but it didn't find anything wrong. I have gone over the error report that it wants to send to apple, but I'm not seeing where the error stems from.


Video is ATI Mobility Radeon x1400. I am using a modified x1000 kext (that I found on the Dell inspiron install guide in here).


I have included a zipped copy in text format of the error report just in case.




If anyone has any information that would help me get WoW running, I would appreciate it. My wife is gonna kill me if I can't get her back online soon.


edit : I think it may be my x1400. I can force a resolution change by modifying the boot.plist, but videos (.avi) are laggy (no tearing though). I need to find a way to test openGL and see if that is functioning. Without openGL, the Mac version of WoW won't run, so that could be an additional issue.


I'm going to work on the x1400 angle for now. If someone could point me to an open source program that can test the openGL that would be great!

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