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72GB Raptor Drive+ 750GB SATA Drive[Question]

Vneck Photography

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Hello everyone,


This will be my first time trying to make myself a hackintosh.


My questions is that I know it is possible(Because my old rig was set up like this) to have Windows 7 just the OS located on a raptor drive and your data(ie. Music,Photos,Documents) located on a larger capacity hard drive with the pros being a significantly quicker boot time(10,000 RPM) and a less likely loss of data if your OS crashes because it's on a completely separate drive.




Would it be possible to have OSx86 and Windows 7 loaded onto the raptor drive as a half/half partition, and have your larger capacity hard drive(my 750GB drive) partitioned in a half/half format with each partition linking to the corresponding OS on the raptor drive.


Essentially I want my OS's on one drive, and my files on the other. So it would be 2 drives with 4 partitions total.




Raptor Drive(Containing OS's)---OSx86(~32GB)-----------------------------Windows 7(~32GB)

750GB Drive(Containing Files)---Mac Files(~375GB Space)-----------------Windows Files(~375GB Space)


If anyone is currently running something similar or knows the best/simplest way to acheive this any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance ;) ,


Vneck Photography

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