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(bootslip?) drivers to installation CD?


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edit 1:

I opened up the (*.iso) in MagicISO, and added



into the boot.plist file. I also downloaded NVFERMI.Fix.kext, and moved it into the System/Library/Extensions directory. The kext is only 2 kb, so I'm not sure if it's the correct file.


I found many pkg files that apparently install the nVidia kexts, but they're meant to be used after installation probably. Is there anyway to find the kext files inside of the pkg and add them to my install DVD?





I'm not sure if bootslip is the correct word to use, but I'm wondering how to add drivers or extensions to the installation CD. Currently, whenever I try to boot into the installer, I receive:


efi_inject_get_devprop_string NULL trying stringdata


and then a restart.


After reading around a few threads, I assume the issue is with my GTS 450 card. I was also able to install a hackintosh flavor on my ATI Radeon HD 3200, so that also leads me to believe that the issue is caused by my card.


I found this thread:



Many people in the thread said that they were able to get the GTS 450 card to work.


I also found this:



Which I believe contains a working driver for my GTS 450 card. Would there be a kext inside of the DMG image?


How would I let the installer see the GTS 450 card so that I can install and use OSX86?


Thanks for any help!

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