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Advice on best iPC Universal 10.5.6 and burning

hillbilly moon

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I've downloaded the iPC 10.5.6 Universal iso in order to install it on a Dell D410, which people have reported working well with 10.5.x. The problem is that I can't get my DVD to boot the D410. I've burned the iso to a DVD+R and a DVD-R at 4x speed, but the D410 doesn't boot to the install screen. It stops at a black screen, with a flashing underscore in the top left corner. I've tried to boot from an external USB DVD, selecting DVD via F12 at startup and also changing the bios to boot from DVD as the first option. But I always get the same result: the flashing underscore. The DVD spins up for about 10 seconds, then spins down and stops.


The USB DVD checks out fine.

Win XP is currently installed on the D410. When I first tried to boot from the USB drive, XP warned that the USB bus wouldn't operate at full speed. I guessed this was because it wasn't power from AC (it's a portable notebook-sized DVD) so I tried with it plugged in, but get same result.

Booted into XP, the DVD is recognized by the system as "Mac 10.5.6".


Could it be a problem with the iso?

Any tips on burning? I burnt the iso from an Intel iMac with an external burner.

Should I try to find another iso? Could this one be problematic?

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