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dell inspiron 700m working 10.5.8


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dell inspiron 700m

successful iATKOS v7 install

software update to 10.5.8


mobo: intel 82852/82855

ram: 512 MB 667 MHz DDR2

vga: intel 82852/855GM

chipset: intel 82801 ICH4

audio: AC '97

ethernet: broadcom BCM4401-B0

wifi: intel pro2200BG


[x] iATKOS v7 main system

[-] bootloader:

[x] chameleon v2

[-] os86 patches:

[x] extra directory

[x] dsdt

[-] decrypters

[x] dsmos

[-] kernel

[x] voodoo 9.5.7 (9.5.5 also works)

[-] ACPI

[x] APIC driver (2621 buffers fix)

[x] disabler

[-] drivers:

[ ] vga = none

[-] system


[x] intel SATA/IDE

[ ] sound = none (using AC '97 kext from Kalyway 10.5.1)

[x] laptop battery

[-] network

[-] wired

[x] broadcomBCM440x

[ ] wireless = none

[x] laptop battery

[x] post install actions


current issues:

1) slow startup

2) no sleep mode/system freezes

3) no wifi

4) low res display 1024x768

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