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Having no luck installing any distro of mac osx alongside win 7


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i tried 3 different methods of installs. i tried different distros, different boot options and different install options, the latest being iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5. i managed to get the boot loader working successfully and made it throught the mac osx install, afterwards, i tried these steps (following a tutorial)

1. -s -x cpus=1

2. mount -uw /

3. passwd root

4. touch var/db/.AppleSetupComplete

5. exit

it then continues to show many lines of different things but ALWAYS stops at diff errors, the most common being "security server error 1100. Could not set Mach look up policy for service com.apple.SystemConfiguration.configd" another error had something to do with the dnsresponder not working. google being my brother in law, i went to him first and tried a million different things with no luck. can someone please help?




i did some further research and came across yet another distro and install method. trying it out now and hopefully it works.




So i downloaded iAtkos v7, checked MD5 - passed, then burned using imgburn at 2x. I get to the installer screen to customize install, picked a few options for my setup, then went to start the install only to receive a "Cannot validate 10.5.7 package, please restart the installer" error. So i restarted, this time customizing the install again (just with basic setup files) and received the same error. Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong?

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