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Hey everyone, wanting to redo my install from year ago

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as you can see from my signature, I had a fully working 10.5 hackintosh, but unfortunately scrapped it when I bought a mac mini. I have since had to sell the mac mini and am building a new windows pc for gaming in about a month or so. What I would like to do, is change what I have currently which is the same specs as my previous build with 1 exception. My vid card is a 5750. Is this a possibility? do I just follow leopard soup again, or is there a better way to go straight to 10.6 SL.


GA-P35-S3L v2.0

E8400 3.0GHz Intel C2D

2GB DDR2 Corsair 800MHz

250GB Seagate Baracuda SATAHD 7200RPM

Vision Tek Radeon HD 5750 <----will be the change. also adding a 1tb drive to do a dual boot to

Mac OS X 10.5.5

All possible from the lovely people at InsanelyMac and especially Weaksauce12!!




OHHH P.s. Can I install it to the 1tb drive without having to format and reinstall windows 7 on the 250 that it's on now? And also stuck with an IDE dvd drive, would it be best to do this via thumbdrive?

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go here to see if your video card is supported. http://netkas.org/


But might I ask why your getting such a crappy video card for gaming? Unless you are strictly playing older games you will regret getting that card. Expand your budget and get a 5870 or a 6870 at least (if they are supported). Or look at like a 470 (if its supported).


I have been out of the osx game for a while but I know my hardware especially for gaming. I dont even need osx86 now that win7 runs so well but I still would like to have it anyways since its a fun hobby

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