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HPET in DP43TF and Snow Leopard


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I am currently running SL 10.6.5 on an Intel DP43TF at latest BIOS version and I have an annoying situation. I have the following items installed:


Geforce 8800 GTX 768 - 1 pci-e slot

Broadcom BCM94312 (via mini pci-e to pci-e bracket) for wireless - 1 pci-e slot

Canopus ACEDvio (Firewire) - 1st PCI slot from closest to the CPU

Ciprico RC-5152-08 SATA RAID controller - last PCI slot away from CPU


If I enable HPET in the BIOS, SL starts fine but only the card in the last PCI slot is available (in this case the RAID controller). The Canopus card is not listed in the System Profiler even though it shows if you run lspci.


If I disable HPET in the BIOS, SL starts fine and both the controller and the firewire card show up in the profiler.


However, I tried to go the DSDT route and get rid of all the extra kexts and maybe solve the sleep issue, but SL will only work with HPET enabled, otherwise I get KPs. I know the motherboard has firewire built-in but I need my Canopus card since it allows analog/digital by-pass.


Any info will be greatly appreciated



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