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What is the best/cheapest hardware config for Snow Leopard Install?

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Alright, forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong section, but currently I have a Dell Latitude D620 with Leppy's Snow Leopard Install on it and it's working perfectly. However, I'm wanting to build a hackint0sh Desktop to install Snow Leopard on it.


My question is, what is the best, and cheapest desktop configuration that a snow leopard install will work on? (Preferably using an AMD processor, although I do understand that AMD isn't fully supported). But because I have an old computer that already has Sempron processor and I'd like the setup to have a motherboard compatible with DDR2 memory and SATA 3.0


Once again, forgive me if this is in the wrong section, please move to the correct section. I will appreciate any help whatsoever regarding this decision

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