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Broadcom 5721 works sometimes, not others -- help?

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Finally achieved my first native install using Myzar 10.4.5 DVD onto a homebrew P4.


Runs fast, used MacVidia to increase resolution on my FX5200.


But I have one problem. The LAN works sometimes, not others. My mobo has integrated dual Broadcom 5721 gigabit ports. OS X assigns these en0 and en1. It considers en0 "built-in" and en1 "PCI add-on" or whatever.


When I boot, I get this message twice (once for each port I assume):


AppleBCM5701Ethernet setPowerLevels ... returning early ... blah blah


About 30% of the time, the LAN works fine once booted up. Shows a MAC address, gets a DHCP IP, etc.


The other 70% of the time, the LAN does not work on boot. Neither ethernet port seems to be enabled -- the light goes out on the network card at the back of the PC. This happens when the setPowerLevels message appears.


Unfortunately since this seems random, I have to boot and reboot until I get lucky and the LAN works. What is going on? Nothing is changing between reboots, that I know of.


I tried to disable and enable the lan through the terminal ("ifconfig en1 down/ifconfig en1 up") but didn't help. Looks like OS X decides whether to power the port and then it can't be changed.


Any advice? I know the driver works since it comes up 30% of the time and works fine. What should I try?




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