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Hey guys! So after many, many days of troubleshooting and retries, I finally got 10.5.6 installed on my HTC Shift x9500! I used the Leopard Pendrive version with iAtkos i5 video drivers. It worked flawlessly!


Now here comes the hard part... making things as close to perfect as possible. I tried updating to 10.5.8 numerous times with numerous different guides (namely from hackint0sh.com's guides), but it all ended up requiring me to reinstall OS X. I eventually gave up and settled down into 10.5.6 and everything works great... except of course syncing my iPod 4G, the newest Safari and the iTunes store...... and those are the most important things to me!!! I can't even play any of my music because I cannot authorize my music since it can't use the iTunes store.... Plus, sleep doesn't work, and it is a MUST for me, especially with this particular computer.


So now I'm back at fixing those two issues. I am more looking to fix the sleep issue more than updating because I can live without the update, for now. But if that can be fixed, I would like to try it still!


I just need a few pointers on what I could do to try and fix these two things. Before I try these, I want to be able to restore my system to exactly how it was before I tried it, so would I use Time Machine to back up my system? Or how would I create an image of my HD and restore it on my external HD just like how I did it with the Leopard Pendrive to install OS X?


Thanks in advance!

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