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Intel 915 and Broadcom 4318 with 10.4.6


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So i've got OSX 10.4.6 using a prepatched DVD made by ual808.


The install went pretty smoothly. I've got Ubuntu, XP, and OSX tri booting using Grub on my Compaq v2403.


But i'm having two hardware problems. maybe someone could help me.



First of all is the common Intel VGA problem everyone seems to be having. I'd really like to get that fixed, but it does seem like there's no solid fix yet.


Second is my wireless card. Its a Broadcom 4318. It seems like people are getting this to work, but all the guides i've seen are 10.4.4, and the kext in 10.4.6 is different from all the guides i've seen on this site.


If anyone can pass some help my way, i'd appreciate it.

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