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What hardware should I buy?

Brian Kendig

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I want to build a Hackintosh. If I were to buy a new mobo/CPU/memory/videocard right now, which ones should I get for the best chance of having everything work with the least hassle?


There are lots of guides and compatibility lists out there that are very outdated. Even the list on this site at "http://www.insanelymac.com/osx86db/" doesn't list any i3/i5/i7 processors. "http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.6.5" has a long list, but everything appears to require a considerable amount of configuration and I don't know what the best choices would be.


My top priority is to build something that works reliably without having to do a lot of configuration. My second priority is performance and my third priority is price, so getting an i7 would be nice as long as it doesn't have a bleeding-edge cost.


The biggest thing I don't understand is whether I can pretty much buy any hardware and be able to get it working (with sound, wifi, etc,) without much trouble, or whether the hardware I should use is specifically limited and choosing something that hasn't been verified to work means I probably won't be able to get it working reliably,

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