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[SoLd] Mint 14" Dell D620 - loaded and must read to appreciate!


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Not sure if anyone is looking for a laptop at the moment, but here's what you can get for $375 shipped anywhere in the U.S. - VERY capable of loading multiple os's


Dell Latitude D620 purchased just 2 months ago as refurbished direct from Dell (no issues - running perfectly)

Just selling to pay the bills


Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit geniune licensed copy (also comes with XP original install disc)

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66GHz processor

256MB NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M Graphics

14.1" WXGA+ (1440 x 900 resolution)

4GB Ram (3.25 usable, this is a bit technical for those inclined, but here is how wikipedia explains:


"Although the D620 is capable of accepting 4gb of physical memory, because of the limitation by the BIOS of the notebook and not because the user is using 32bit or 64bit OS, it will only see 3.5 gigs of memory, or 3.3 with on board video (Memory is shared). Using 64-bit OS will not help user to see all 4GB of RAM on D620.

Neither Intel site describe this Intel chipset limitation (it states 4GB supported), nor does Dell warn customers before buying or explain why the system sees only 3.3GB of memory when 4GB is installed.(most likely because the system needs to use the memory also.). Dell Technical description pages tell that 64bit OS can maybe use all 4GB of RAM on the machine, but to this day, there is no known 64bit OS to do that on D620." ....the main point why I put this in here is just because I like to give all the details of what I'm selling, no "hidden details". This DOES NOT affect the functioning of the laptop at all, in fact it is quite speedy, very satisfying in terms of power up time, and multi-tasking.)


64GB Western Digital Solid State Drive + Original 60GB HDD that came with it.

The WD Drive still has about 2 years warranty on it.

Dell 1390 Wi-Fi card integrated

Dell Bluetooth card integrated

DW5520 Cingular (AT&T) Wireless Mobile Broadband Card integrated

4 usb ports

1 pc card slot

56K v924 Internal Modem

10/100/1000 Gigabit5 Ethernet network interface adaptor

Also has port for Dell docking station

CDR/W / DVDROM Drive - Modular

This drive can be pulled out and it comes with a second hard drive caddy so you can have two hard drives.

Original battery and power cord plus an extra third-party battery which is brand new - both hold a full charge. The original has a super small crack that doesn't affect function one iota, but I put a tiny bit of super glue there just in case, and just fyi. Both are 6-cell batteries.


pm me if interested or email qualitygoals at yahoo dot com



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