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NVidia Driver HELP

Navid N

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Hello everybody!


i have simply installed the ratail nvidia driver which was in kexts.com which have told that my graphic will be detected but it is not!!


i also added graphics enabler to com.apple.boot.plist but nothing happened!


i could not do the DSDT solution becuase IOreg did not display NVCAP and i didn't know how to obtain it! if you know please tell me!


i am going to update my OS X from 10.6.3 to 10.6.5 and hope it would work!!




any help pleeeeease

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their are good news and some bad news:


i got NVidia graphic working! with just GraphicsEnabler=Yes


but the problem is it only works when it is connected to LCD tv with HDMI port with only resolution of 1280*720 with low refresh rates and the memory is determined as 512MB not 1GB!! i could not force it to use other resolutions. i now could see the NVCap value in IO registry explorer. but i could not complite DSDT.aml because i got too much errors.( many of them are about "Use of compiler reserved name ^") i didn't figured out what is that i may have to rename _T_ to T_ and other errors ....... :D


as i set the GraphicsEnabler=No i can see my laptop Screen is working. but their are other issues here: again the Graphic stops functioning like when it was connected to external Display

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