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Install Problem with iPC_OSx86_10.5.6


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well i ahve this :


and i burn it and try to install on my config :


Processor : intel Pentium E2160

Mainboard : 945GZM-S2

Memory : 2048 DDR2 268 Mhz

Graphics : Nvidia GeForce GT430

HardDisk : - Disque 0 232.13 Go(C: 78.13 Go NTFS)(E:99.05 Go NTFS) (55.71 GO For MAC)

Secund hard disk : 80 Go Linux ubuntu


well i have installed the mac osx86 but i can see other that this screen :


and i need to do it at evry reboot


please tell me whati need todo for his works and how add my three boot :

windows 7

MacOsx and

Linux UBuntu 10.10





i forget to says i use this how to :


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