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trying out a Mac OS X


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recently I ordered a new iPhone4...wouldn't have buyed one, for that price...but the business needs have overpowered that!




So I have one spare machine that works & would like to put Mac OS X on it. I noticed in my country there is only Snow Leopard on sale, so that will go on that machine...and I'd like to have a machine with Mac OS X to work with my iPhone4, as a server/scheduler/linked machine...


But before I start with the buying a software, I want to try out how to put it on machine? 'cause I've read some nice articles from you and all over internet - and here I am...trying to prepare for the installation!


How to prepare? First I'm downloading a bunch of Mac OS X from the p2p...to try them out & to install them to the machine I have...so fare, Tiger has failed even with boot132...trying to download a Leopard & Snow leopard to try them out...


Here are some questions:


1. if I install a OS X on my machine...and obtain a licence in a shop...can I register an illegal install of OS X with a licence that I bought? in other words: if I get the illegal OS X up, can it be over the internet activated as a legal copy?


2. my machine is: ASUS P4B mbo, P4 Celeron@2GHz, 256MB RAM, ATi Mach64 (yes, a very old one), some LG DVD-RW & 20GB HDD...do any of you have some recommendations about the machine? has anyone tried to install OS X on similar machine? so far I know Mach64 graphic card will work...how about everything else?





thanks for the answers...

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