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Strange slow network only on Airport Extreme


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Hi, I recently installed iPC OSx86 10.5.6 on a Dell D600, with a Dell truemobile wireless card in it. Everything works great within the known limitations, except for the wireless.


The problem is sub-50kbps (that's kiloBITS) network performance when connected to my Airport Extreme 802.11n network. If I switch over to a non-Airport network (in this case an Open-Mesh 802.11g router) I get stellar performance. No issues. But back on the AEBS, it's slow as molasses. Protocol doesn't matter; http to the net is just as slow as CIFS to the AEBS or other computers. Of course no other machines, including this one when booted to Windows, have problems with the AEBS network.


Any bells ring for anyone? Pointers on diagnosis?


Thanks in advance.

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