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Hard drive size issues


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Nevermind... Admin, you can close this. I alleviated the problem by reinstalling off the iPC disc and using a Time Machine backup, reinstalled the kexts and other sundries, re-updated and am off to the races again...


Hi all, noob here...

I just got iPC 10.5.6 installed on a Dell 1525, updated to 10.5.8. Everything is running GREAT. I originally put it on an old 160gb drive that I knew had bad sectors, since this was only a test to play with OSX and decide if I want to buy a real Mac (I've used Windows since 3.10 and getting 'bored' with it).

Now that I got it rocking how I want, I plan on doing what I originally Dellintoshed for, to play with Final Cut and iMovie for videos of my kiddo. I got a Seagate 500gb external, used Easeus Disk Copy 2.3 to clone my drive and swapped the drives out so the Seagate is now internal on my lappy, but now disk utility is still seeing the drive as the original 160gb drive. It shows 465gb total, but 149 usable. This is the output of 'diskutil list':


0: FDisk_partition_scheme 465.8 gig disk0

1: Apple_HFS MacOSXity 149.1 gig disk0s1


I've tried erasing volumes, merge volumes, etc etc but it keeps giving me errors in regards to cannot erase the boot volume and various other "you must be a stupid stupid Windows user and clueless about what you're doing" errors. smile.gif


Obviously, I could reinstall everything to the 500gig, but if I can reclaim the space, you can understand how that would be preferred.


Any ideas on what I need to do? Do I need to erase free space in Disk Utility and then try and reclaim it? A little direction would be greatly appreciated...


OH, another thing... I still have my original 160gb that I can hook up as USB and boot to it if needed...

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