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How to ALC662 with Foxconn H55-MXV? Answer


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Hello. Sorry for my English.


I have a Foxconn H55-mxv with ALC662 5.1 (three rear exts. jack connections).


I´m trying to make work with voodoohda 2.7.2 but not sucess. I´ve extracted my Linux dump. I´ve attached it.


I´ve modified info.plist for voodoohda.kext but i can´t get it to work. With original kext I only have HDMI digital sound. When I quit IOPCIclassMatch and instert my PCIMatch id vendor, I have Line Out ext rear green, Pink mic in and PCM connection. I make a new device to get 5.1 but I can´t. I don´t know how can I get all conections to build a new device with 5.1. Sometimes, when i´ve changed info.plist and I´ve added pinconfigs from ubuntu´s dump, name of devices changes when I unplug and plug into another jack but I can´t see all devices at same time.


Can anybody help me to build my info.plist for this card? I don´t like to disturb for these to anybody but I´ve tried a lot of things before to do this. For about two weeks, so many hours trying differents solutions but, not sucess.


Help please. Thanks in advance.





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