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Freeze on connect to innternet


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Installed 10.4.6 beautifully!!!

However; 1 slight problem.

When I connect my cat 5 cable to the linksys router; the o.s. locks up.

Disconnect and reboot;everythings fine.

Try to reconnect-lock up;sometimes I can get it to do a netdiag b4 locking up.

It sees my internal broadcomm nic;sees the internet;then;BANG locks up.

Have even gotten the black screen with blinking cursor???

A newbie; but am I missing something here? A setting??? Really strange,

Any help would be appreciated(I'm way new to this-but it installed great)!1


Aklemaker :D

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Seems I may have posted in the wrong forum; but more info

Dell E1505 Core Duo t2500

Broadcomm Ethernet NIC Extreme 10/100

Everything installed great;except that ot won't connect to the net

more ifo from -v--- Net Info connection failed for server


As I stated before;when I plug-in;it'll work for one sec thn lockup.

Trying to boot from internal nic gives this error--PXE-E53 no boot filename received


This is getting frustrating;because everything installed fine;except this.


One more time;;; Any Help?

Looked at forum's-no one has answered anything similiar; so ANY help would be appreciated :pirate2:

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Newbie mistake;; Big Time


Seems I didnt have the partition set as active. Read the forum about HFS+ error;followed the steps; BINGO!!! :blink:


All good, connects great!!!!!!!! :D


Now; to get Sigmatel 92xx working.

I saw a thread; I'll find it.


Dell e1505

Intel Core Duo T2500- (both cores working!!! :D )

Broadcomm 10/100 Ethernet NIC-works outta the box

Intel 3945abg- internal WLAN-- not working

ATI Mobility x1400-- not figured out yet

Sigmatel 92xx(from Dell)-- no sound yet


But; hey, for a noob; a good start; I think!!!



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