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Dual GeForce cards


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I am running SL Server 10.6.5 on a Gigabyte board and it has been working perfectly for months now. I have a dual monitor set up running on a PNY GeForce GTS 250 and have no problems here.


What i am trying to do is add another gfx card to my system, specifically the 8400 GS. I am using Cham RC5 GraphicsEnabler which recognizes both cards, however the 8400 is only showing 1 mb of vram and under system profilier>graphics/displays>GeForce 8400 GS, the displays section seems to have recognized dual outputs, but not the monitor attached. any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated!


edit: the PNY website shows this;

On-board Outputs: DMS 59

Additional Outputs Supported: VGA+VGA or DVI-I+DVI-I or DVI-I+VGA


can anybody explain what DMS 59 is? is this supported under osx?


attached is the system profiler windows for both cards.



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