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Freezing Issue


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Hello there; I'm obviously new here, and this is my first post; possibly someone willing enough could assist me with this very annoying problem. First off, here are my specs as a pre diagnosis:


Phenom X6 1090T

ATI 4850X2 (dual chip card)

D-Link DWA-556

Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB 3

USB Keyboard and Mouse (Off same adapter, so when usb not working, both will not work)


I installed the NawcomModCD v0.3 and Installed Mac OS X 10.6 SL. Everything installed correctly including the support for the keyboard, as i got through the keyboard recognition before using the operating system. However, upon boot with the Apple logo and gray spin loader, it STALLS. D: To get through this, i keep pressing any key on the keyboard to keep the gray spin loader from stalling. If i press the key on the keyboard too fast, then there is a kernel panic. I do manage to get it to boot into the OS, and everything works correctly, including wireless. So I tried the 10.6.5 update and the Keyboard nor the Mouse worked.


I need help to solve this problem; if anything, I'm thinking it may be something I did not install as a driver before the Mac OS installation (Kext, or other driver).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Okay the issue is RESOLVED. Anyone having this type of issue, please download the file included in link in this post. (Insanely Mac did not let me upload for some reason. :wacko: )


The 10.6.5 Vanilla USB Kexts are not enabling the USB devices. SOLUTION: These Kexts will automatically override the vanilla Kexts, thus, enabling USB in 6.5. Make sure you put these files into /Extra/Extensions, BEFORE the update to 10.6.5. Once the legacy kernel is developed, these Kexts can be deleted from the file directory.


Props to Nawcom; for more info, visit:








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