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Snow Leopard on ASUS K40in


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Ok this is getting a bit frustrating i have been trying for a couple weeks now to get mac os x working on my ASUS K40IN laptop.


First the specs:


CPU: Pentium Dual-Core T4200 @ 2.00 ghz (not T6400)

GPU: nVIDIA g102m 512mb

RAM: 4gb

Wireless: atheros 8111 (or something)

ethernet: Realtek

HD: Sata 320gb @ 5400RPM (split into 3 partitions 160gb NTFS for Win 7, 16gb Extended Journal For mac os (obviously), and 32gb EXT 3 for ubuntu linux


OK now the problems start


First i tried installing the retail 10.6.3 dvd booting from the chameleon boot loader found in this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=210118


I could not even get the installation started for that.


Next i tried iPc 10.5.6

After trying to boot the thing for an hour trying many different boot flags, i figured that 10.5.xx is a 32-bit and my processor is 64-bit, setting the boot flags to:


-legacy cpus=1


i got the dvd booted!!!! :thumbsup_anim:


it installed perfectly fine, but would not boot at all. It would get to the white screen with a grey apple symbol in the middle and would just die


i gave up on iPc and then tried iAtkos v7, i had to use the same flags to get the dvd to boot, it also installed fine.


After install it also would not boot


Then i finally moved on to iAtkos S3 (10.6.3)


This dvd finally booted automatically without having to use any flags at all. It also installed fine. I used the following ktexts:


nvidia drivers, realtek ethernet, atheros wireless


This time the OS actually boots but once it finishes booting the screen starts flickering like craaazy and i have to shut it down because the screen looks like it'll cause epilepsy. i can also here sound but the sound is crackling and is not very clear.


one more problem is that everytime i try to install a bootloader with the mac os, it never works. It always trys to boot windows after the mac install, i then have to boot from the iAtkos dvd and then try to boot from the hd its kind of annoying.


plz help!!!!

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