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Snow Leopard 10.6 and Aspire 5735z problem [SOLVED]


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Hello everybody!


So I have iso image of iATKOS S3 version2 and I want to install it on my Acer Aspire 5735z.

First of all bios settings:

AHCI mode switched to IDE otherwise setup does not start at all. Even when set to IDE setup not allways will start. No error messages - just stops.


Ok. after some attempts finally setup starts and I can load HDD partition soft. Then I format my 320 Gb HDD as Mac os extended journalised. And install everything else by default settings, except Voodo PS mouse (reason for that - sometimes not working keyboard).


So setup begins and looks like everything is going fine, but after restart - NOTHING :help:

Last setup gives me this message when i boot with -v




For some reason after one install attempt hdd has booted normaly and I was able to complete setup. Os was working normally but after restart again - hangs up.




Can someone help me with this all? I don't knov where to start serach for the problem or is there posibility to make it working.


PS. Sorry for my terrible english.



Switch back to AHCI, boot with " -v busrate=20 " install from DVD, after restart boot again with " -v busrate=20 ". Looks like working everything - even wireless and webcam. I think video card drivers need some adjustments but for now it is ok ;)

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