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Stall During Installation


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This is not my first attempt at a hackintosh but it is the farthest I have gotten! It reaches the screen where it is installing mac on the disc and it gets roughly halfway, give or take, then it just stalls! I am booting in safemode because it did not work the other way, but you can still install in safe mode right? After it stalls, it just sits with a rainbow wheel and sometimes it reboots. I doubt the retail image is the problem because my friend used the exact same disk to boot his and it worked. But he did have an Intel Processor if that matters! I cannot think of anything i did wrong, I just want to get this installed! I have tried for so long! Somebody please help! Boot flags? New DMG's? Anything! :(


For my setup, view my older topic here:



I used the bootcd from the guide here:




Any Help is appreciated...

Thanks! :)

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