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Problems with audio and video


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I installed the iATKOS S3 Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my PC. The system works fine, but, I have some issues yet. Let discribe it above.


AUDIO - Realtek ALC662

I've used all of ALC662 kexts posted on forum, but I can't have sucess with them.

If used the VoodooHDA, the volume bar can be enabled, but the system not recognize the audio device.

If I use the AppleHDA, the volume bar can't be enabled, perhaps, recognize the audio device (some mod-kexts).

I've tried Azalia, Modded ALC 662, VoodooHDA, Apple HDA (the last two ones with HDAEnabler), but I can't have sucess.


The audio board are in G31MK-V by Foxxconn.


VIDEO - ATi Radeon HD4650 512MB

My problem with the HD4650 are full resolution on my monitor and QE/CI can't run. I've edit my Boot.plist to GraphicsEnabler and GraphicsMode to Yes and 1920x1080x32, and run with full res, but can't run in ALL screen - have some black bars on the sides of my monitor - E2350V 23'' - and the effects are disabled.


Waiting for a little help. ;)


Sorry for my poor english. :angel:

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