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Dual install questions. Existing XP want to add OSX


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1) I want to add SL OSX to an existing Windows XP pc (eee pc).


My resources:

-Retail SL DVD

-Two large USB flash drives (16GB and 8GB)

-Working Mac

-2.5" enclosure

-3.5" LaCie quad external drive, partition HFS+ and NTFS. FW/USB

-Working EEE PC with XP Home on it.

-Acronis TI software

-IQ between 50 and 52.


-I have tried various tutorials, patches, boot programs, trying to install my retail SL DVD, and even trying to install a cloned copy of my working SL.


The thing that seemed to be holding me trying this method involving a USB flash of SL or a retail SL DVD, is having an MBR structure of the XP hard drive, I think.

It prevents a fresh install of SL unless that second partition is GUID (regardless if the second partition is fats or hfs.


Using various installers, which included using my retail SL DVD or using an SL DVD image on my 16GB flash stick, when I reach the point of install, it fails because a GUID partition is required.


As I mentioned before, I tried to get around that by putting the eee pc harddrive in an external, then connecting to my mac. I went into disk utility, formatted the second partition of 125GB as HFS+ (as you know the option for GUID is not offered since it is a partition and not the disk). then I cloned a copy of my active SL to that partition using superduper (it even gave me an

the option to make it bootable).


Concerning the cloned partition, I reinstalled the harddrive back in my eee pc, I could not boot the OSX, even after using easyBCD or using chain0, or any other bootloaders. But I think my lack of expertise may have contributed to the failure perhaps. And yes, the SL was set active. I did try to repair XP mbr using a xp pro disk for another system that I had, but it would not repair.


Honsestly, after awhile all the information and steps that I tried have become quite convoluted, so I am back to start anew.


2) So I am requesting any input or comments or suggestions on how to put SL on my existing XP harddrive. Using either a retail SL or using a clone of SL. or whatever you want to throw out there


I apologize in advance if my post appears confusing. I think that there is sometimes so much information now on these installs that you get overwhelmed and mix up what you are doing.


Thanks all.

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