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Intel Core2Duo T7200 speed not right ?

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I have an Alienware M9750 laptop and I have everything working except my second GPU (I dont expect that to work anytime soon, but 1 is good enough I dont need SLI for OS X), Jack Sense, and my CPU (the aforementioned T7200) is only running at 997MHz (with only 1 core I believe (used CPU-X)) instead of the proper ~ 2.0GHz. I tried the most recent VoodooTSCsync.kext from voodooproject.org but that did not change anything.


does anyone have this processor working at full capacity, this is really the only thing wrong with my system at this point and while it is not slow by any means i do noticed that things take a bit longer that they should (obviously considering i've got about a 1/2 CPU).


Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks.


More Info.



Alienware M9750

OS(s): Windows 7 and 10.6.5 Snow Leopard Dual Boot (Using Chameleon 2.0 RC5 rev12)

Distribution used: iAtkOS S3 V2

CPU: Intel Core2Duo T7200 (1 possibly 1 core only and only 997mHz instead of 2.0 GHz)

Memory: 4GB 667mHz (2x2) (shows up as 800mHz in system profiler ??)

GPU: 2x Nvidia 8700M GT in SLI (only one is used by OS X)

Audio: Realtek ALC 885 (Working except for jack sense)

Ethernet: Marvel 88e8055 (works perfectly)

Wireless: Broadcom BCM94321MC (Native support, Airport Extreme) *replaced the original Intel 4965 that came with the laptop

HDD: 1x 160GB (OSs)

1x 250GB (Media)


I cant think of anything else at this point, if you need anything else let me know.

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