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Dell e1505/6400 CPU sync issues on Wake


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I am running an almost flawless install of OSX 10.6.5 on my Dell Inspiron e1505/6400 except for one issue. When i awake from sleep(Hibernatemode 1) it seems my CPU is out of sync and gives me mouse stuttering. I am running a Centrino Duo and have the VoodooTSCSync.kext loaded. If i reboot both cores work just fine and no issues with stuttering.


The only way i can wake from sleep is to disable the second core in the BIOS. I have tried using cpus=1 from the boot menu but I believe sinces its reading the sleepimage from /var/vm/sleepimage its not running this kernel extension.


If anyone knows how to resolve this issue please lend me your help.



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