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XBench Strange results


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On my laptop, I just ran XBench, and on the result, I get a really low score on the hard drive disk part. On Sequential , I get 18.72 and on Random, I get 13.26 which is extremely low. On my desktop computer, I get 144 on Sequential and 39.44 on Random.


Because of those results, I get a 74.04 overall. I think I should get at least 150 with those specs: (see my sig)


Thanks for helping,



P.S.: When I remove Disk Test, I get a 203.17 Overall.

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send me your DSDT

run on terminal

perl -e 'open(CMD, "ioreg -lw0 \| grep DSDT|") or die; while(<CMD>) { chomp; if($_ =~ /\"DSDT\.?\d?\"=<([^>]*)>/) { $buff = $1; open(PIP, "|xxd -r -p > ~/Desktop/dsdt.aml") or die; print PIP "$1"; } }'


do not know if it will resolve

but we can try :)

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