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hello there.


i have just installed mac osx 10.6 on my pc. i am using a modified bios from Cartri ver. 0.8c.

i use an ep45-ud3l mobo, 9500gt vid card, 4 gig ddr2 800mhz ram, usb mouse and keyboard. i have 3 HD. 2 sata and one IDE plus a sata DVDRW. i have iatkos v7 before.


i was able to install 10.6 using 3 partition on one of my sata drive. 2 equal partition and 1 for a restored retail version of osx 10.6. i used a burned modified bootloader from Cartri during the install.


i also used some kext like a modified AppleHDA kext, legacyHDA, NVenabler and a kext for the storage icons. i apply them by copying them to the extra\extensions folder. dragging the extensions folder to the desktop use kext helper, when done i drag the extensions folder back to the extra folder and overwriting the original extension folder then rebooting. as for the bootloader i use Cartri's modified RC4 mac bios bootloader.


i have since updated to 10.6.5 via apples update software method. (i've only learned that i need to download the combo update and use it instead of using the apple update software in osx.) anyway, everything is working fine. i have sounds, mic, my cpu is identified correctly even my ram and other hardware. i can dual boot with win7 also. the only problem is the startup. after the apple logo i get a blue screen. i was able to go around this by accident. after staring at a blue screen for a few minutes hoping it'll start, i push down on the power button. my system shutdown so i proceeded to push the power button again to reboot but instead i was presented with the osx desktop. (so pushing the power button down briefly takes my system to sleep only instead of shutting it down because when i push down again i go to the desktop)


so since, everytime i boot my pc i have to push the power button to have it sleep then push it again to see the desktop. anybody here experienced what i am experiencing and if somebody have any idea how i can fix this?


many thanks.

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