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Complete MacBook/Windows Hard Drive Backup


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I like some of the features of the Mac operating system and the MacBook Pro hardware, and I have bought a used MacBook Pro, an A1226, to be specific. I have an installation of Windows XP under Parallels, and with Bootcamp I have an installation of Windows 7. (As a traveling engineer, I have to be able to use certain Windows software. I'm not sure if I can make it my only laptop to travel with, but I'm trying! Right now I'm carrying two laptops.)


With my previous Windows laptop, I always made sure to have a complete duplicate of my hard drive using Casper so that in the event of any problems (or even the loss of the computer), I could take out the old drive, pop in the new one, and keep right on running (without re-installing any software). It takes me weeks to configure everything the way I want it, so it is well worth it to me, and it has saved me already.


But now that I have a mixture of operating systems and file systems on the drive, can I do this with my Mac Book? My first try might be to install Acronis on the Windows 7 side. I found out that I can see everything on the Mac side from Windows, but I can't see everything on the Windows side using OS X.

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