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Motion Computing LE1600 - No Sound - Help Please


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Hi all, been lurking in the shadows for a while now. I've just gotten iDeneb 10.5.6 to install on my Motion Computing LE1600 (Intel Pentium M), got it to boot into OSX, I've got full QE/CI, and Tablet recognition :)


:( Need help with the sound though. Can anyone point me in the direction of the proper kext file to use to get the internal speakers working on this thing? I've got sound, but it's switched with the mic jack.


I used the APPLE-AC97 audio kext. My sound chip is a Sigmatel STAC97xx. Would the Sigmatel STAC92xx work?


I also can't seem to find a Linux Live iso that will boot on this machine, to try and get a codec dump and try the AppleHDA-patcher.


Any help is much appreciated, since I've been all over this site, other sites, and Google with no results.






P.S. off topic, but can anyone help too with bad sleep image header . . . hibernate failed message at boot? Will post in other areas as well.


Goal is to post a full install guide for this computer so those who want to try it wont run into all of these hurdles. My contribution to the community.


Thanks again.

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