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Speculations as to what the best OSXx876 box will be?

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Wondering perhaps what the best box will be in the next few months.


Sure there are some motherboards available now for the new duo core 2, but until we see dual displays working, I still think we have some up-hill roads, hill, battles or what ever you want to call it before we call it a success.


2nd. The price of the new MAC PRO seems to be reasonable and I would buy the lowest end and my own memory. That said, these machines will not overclock at all (INTEL).


So am curious as to what everyone here thinks about the new Conroe and future motherboard speculations.

Meaning, will a duo core 2 with a non intel motherboard and a high end GPU finally, once and for all, have working GPU drivers for dual display while at the same time, what, if any, overclocking, thus increasing the memory bus and CPU speeds, how well they will stack up against the latest offerings i.e. Mac Pro once overclocked and at what price point?


Without dual display and a high end GPU, we still have our work cut out for us.


Sure a majority don't care about dual display, but figuring this out, while having the ability to overclock might bring a system for a fraction of the cost close to performance, and have no need for EEC memory. Of course, it may never reach the performance of a MAC PRO, on the other hand the increased speeds, as long as the CPU is recognized as two (2) CPU's, could very well reach the performance of the mid range systems for a very small dollar amount.


The things we have to wait on are a) Why does apple only support a few GPU's, will the supported GPU (graphic card) allow the driver to work on the hacks? :blink: What motherboards (non-intel) will offer the intel chipsets and thus allow overclocking?


Personally, I would not mind seeing a dual duo core 2 Woodcrest in a laptop, and also wonder if you buy a MAC PRO, can you swap out the chips for faster chips, saving at least several hundered dollars not to mention the money saved on EEC memory via 3rd party channels.





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