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Help on an AMD Boot-up for Snow Leopard


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Lion should be coming out soon enough and I still need help with Snow Leopard.


I've been stuck, for some time now on a AMD PC home build. I'm working on a Music Studio PC.

Halfway through I decided to NOT dual boot, meaning, I haven't even been able to.

It is my wish to get a straight shot at a boot sequence if anyone can help.


I've had several attempts.

One is using magic, installer darwin, that works and recognizes 953gb Windows HD, a partial backup HD, and another 1tb of empty HD that I previously designated for Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

In this boot sequence it has also been able to recognize the 16gb thumb that I have juiced in to install.

For everything but the Thumb - I receive the infamous - Bootmgr is Missing

For selecting the Thumb - I receive - mach_Kernel is missing


I have no success using myhack - or the chocolate kernel.

Is there a straight shot chance at this?


How the heck can I get my thumb to recognize my (previously designated) 1tb Mac OS X Snow Leopard drive (that I set up in windows), for installing snow leopard to the drive? I simply formatted it and renamed it Mac OS X.


Simply put. I need a simple breakdown of the steps.

Do this.


Do this.


Do this.


Do this.


Do this......


Do this.


Hope for that.


But do it again.


Here's an idea of the system I'm running.


Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H

AMD Phenom II X 4 955 Processor 3.2 GHZ

8.00 GB Installed Ram

64 Bit Operating System

Two BenQ monitors

NVidia Geforce GTS 450

Two XFI Titinum Sound Blaster cards


Once again... I'm looking for a straight shot on some help Turning this system into a Non-Dual boot, and hopefully a non crashing PC running -Mac OS X- Snow Leopard.






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