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Time Machine or Complete Image


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Alright after extensive searching and reinstalls, I have my Dell XPS 720 running perfect with 10.6.5 iAtkos S3v2. Only thing I had to do was to use my old GA311 ethernet card since my inboard broadcom isn't supported. I want to make a complete backup of my install as I am going to attempt an install using a retail SL dvd I bought. But if I bork it I want to be able to bounce back to my working install. Currently I have OSX on a 500gb Sata, Windows 7 x64 on a 500gb Sata, and a 1.5Tb sata thats NTFS. All are internal drives. My plan is to wipe my 1.5TB to use for imaging my OSX install as I hardly boot into windows or I just use my laptop. What woud you recommend the safest, easiest way? Also I wanted to thank everybody for putting in their time for all the info I accumulated and able to get a 100% working install. I know I don't have many post here but I just searched and searched till I came up with a solution. Thanks again!

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IMO keep your OS X as it is. Partition the drive (the 1.5 is it ) You can create your Extra folder, install the kexts you need and install bootloder, and boot plist, Or try this (internal/ external disc, the idea is the same)http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=238882&view=findpost&p=1598042


Why myHack....... Because he credits people that have created what he uses. He explains what the kexts are for, on his web site and in the installer.

Finally myHack does not stuff around with the original extensions or boot plist.

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