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osx 10.6.5 on p55/gtx275


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Came across this site a few days ago and the whole idea looked like so much fun figured id give it a try.


system specs:

mb: asrock p55 pro

cpu: i7 920 running @ 5.2ghz

mem: 8gb of ddr3-2500mhz gskill's

hd(s): 3x samsungs 1.5tb's

gfx: gtx275 ftw edition from evga (gotta upgrade that ˆ_ˆ)

bios: didn't touch anything prior to install, hdds not in achi / cpu was oc'ed at that time.


The install went smoothly (iatkos s3 v2), used busratio=20 as the only boot option,

in install checked some extra ntfs stuff and removed the apples sound hda (aserebln as bootloader)


Straight after I got into osx i updated it thrue apples own software update to 10.6.5, without really checking if I should, and it worked.


Had an existing win7 installation on other hd so the system is dual boot, no problems so far and everything runs really smoothly (no crashes / bugs / device problems, up and running for around 30hours by now).


Posted to say thanks to the community for the info I got from here and to celebrate my perfectly working osx ;)

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