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no usb support for my mb....


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I have an msi board and I am haveing trouble with getting support for my keyboard and mouse during setup. I am using the Jas 10.4.6 install disk... I get about as far as the screen where you pick the language.

I have tried turning off legacy and it doesn't make a difference. I have a usb keyboard and mouse. I read in a forum somewhere that usb 2.0 doesn't work well so I tried an option in my bios to emulate a usb1.1.



my specs are:


AMD athlon 64 3200+

A-open cdrw/dvd reader

80gb SATA hd (hitachi deskstar i think... but not positive)

512mb ddr memory

128mb geForce fx 5200 (nvidia)


hope you guys can help.



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