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Newbie with Hackintosh MOBO question re: EVGA Classified SR-2

Matthew Mintun

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Hey guys and gals! I have been researching like MAD for the past week on all sorts of different Hackintosh installs. A little insight: I want to build a lightning quick system that will annihilate a new mid 2010 Mac Pro 8 core (or 12 core if possible!).


With that said, I'm looking for a supported mobo that can handle 2 processors. The only one I have found so far is the EVGA Classified SR-2...which is a SEXY mobo. Has anyone gotten this mobo to work easily? or work at all? Are there any other mobo's out there that can handle 2 processors?


Another good question to ask would be: Is there a way to build a single processor (4 or 6 core) Hac Pro that can beat the pants off an 8 core Mac Pro?


Any help would be insanely appreciated as all I can find are a bunch of installs with 1 processor.


Link to SR-2 specs: SR-2 SPECS


Thank you!


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