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Asus P6T-SE Sapphire HD 5750 videocard


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This is for the Asus P6T-SE mobo with 0808 Bios, I have the i7 930 cpu but this might works with other cpus too if you search around for the info you need to make it happen.


If you don´t absolutely want or need the flash drive but just install SL there is a pretty easy way to do it if you have access to a working hackmac or have or can borrow a real mac.


With a hackmac you can do it either to an internal harddrive or an external USB harddrive (Enclosure). With all real Macs it´s probably easiest with an USB harddrive (Enclosure)


Make sure you have a videocard that works oob or the driver and the know how to install your videocard or if you have the same I have check under here (files uploaded to this thread).


Restore/make a copy of your SL disc on your desktop, download the 10.6.5 comboupdate and put it on your desktop too.


From the Asus P6T-SE USB flashdrive thread download Ifabios DSDT.aml for this mobo, the fakesmc.kext, the P6T-SE.kext (and the appleHDA.kext if you want it) and comappleboot.plist.




Or check under here for the files!


Download Pfix and kexthelper or something like it.


Download Ifabios chameleon.




Format and partition your target hard drive to guid and name it ofcourse


Double click the restored SL you have on your desktop


When it´s mounted then start terminal (might ask for your your password) copy and past this:

cd /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/System/Installation/Packages


Hit enter, then copy past this:

open OSInstall.mpkg


This gives you an option to choose what harddrive you wanna install to and ofcourse you install to your target harddrive.


When it´s done double click/start up the comboupdate and install it to your target harddrive.


Then install chameleon to your target harddrive. Then drop (drag or copy/paste) the DSDT.aml and comappleboot.plist in Extra and the fakesmc.kext, the P6T-SE.kext and if you have/need drivers for your videocard in Extra/Extensions.


Reboot from your target harddrive (on most PCs press F8 during boot and you can choose hdds even USB harddrives if you set it up so in your bios ) and finnish the install.


If you have the same videocard as I have the Sapphire Radeon HD 5750 1 GB GDDR5 just edit the System/Library/Extensions/ATIController.kext.


THIS WILL ONLY MAKE IT WORK 32 BIT THOUGH BUT IT STILL WILL WORK GOOD ( for 64 bit you got to check it out for your self I´m sorry)


This is how you do it or you could just download the files under here.


Make a copy of it on your desktop then rightklick on it/show package content then open Contents, right click Info.plist and open it with Texteditor. Then add your videocards id which is 0x68be1002 in the string there (if it´s easier you can just take one that´s already there and copy and paste it and change it just remember no capital letters). Then you need to find the ATY_Init.kext.


Then fire up kexthelper and install these two kexts reboot and your done.


(If you have a videocard that works out of the box you don´t need to do this but probably edit your com.apple.boot.plist according to what card and option you have/want regarding 32 or 64 bit OS)


Thanks and credits goes to to all the cool guys here that help us all putting in hours and hours of hard work and actually show us how to make this happen for real.


Hope this helps and I´m sorry if I made typos or messed up or am to unclear.


Cool thing is I just did this with a Corsair SSD FORCE SERIES 60 GB harddrive and it works supergood.


Good luck guys





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Sorry bout that my rig is working 100% no KPs, did you get all the files I say you need from this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=189052 and Ifabios chameleon? Is your target hard drive formated guid? Tell me more what you have and what you did.



I don´t know anything about your video card but that probably could be something to look in to also.

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Updating this for the guys with the Sapphire HD 5750 that wants 64 bit action. This is if you´re on Snow Leo 10.6.5.


Since it seems people want to keep it a secret I thought I better tell how it´s done. You wont get all ports working, the two DVI and the displayport will work though. The Displayport will only work mirrored which means it will only show a copy of the desktop from the second DVI port.


1. Download Kabyls boot file http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231768


In Terminal Type the following commands:


defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE (hit enter)


killall Finder (hit enter)


(This will let you see the hidden files which in fact the boot file is)


Replace (but back it up in a first just to be safe it it Fs up so you can go back) boot with Kabyls boot


Then when you have replaced the boot file Type in Terminal:


defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE (hit enter)


killall Finder (hit enter)


(This will make the hidden files hidden again)


Then edit (but back it up first) your com.apple.boot.plist like this


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">

<plist version="1.0">





<key>Kernel Flags</key>

















(the second string after Kernel Flags you wont need but keep it anyway if you need to copy it for future use)



Then run pfix and reboot and cross your fingers lol.

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