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Apple Keyboard keystroke issue, anyone had a similar experience?


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Alright truth be told I've had a search around for an solution to this problem for a long while now- I bought an Apple aluminium wired keyboard little under a year ago now. I'm using it under a regular x64 Windows 7 PC but I have had a specific problem which is really driving me insane now.


The keyboard likes to repeat keys upon the first startup of the PC. I know I've read a few similar issues to this, but they were supposedly fixed with firmware updates and usually an issue with the Apple Wireless Keyboard instead. There's one big difference to mine though: If I restart the PC the keyboard begins operating properly. So this means I need to turn my PC on and restart it every time I want to use it.


A recurring side-effect of this is that my speakers also playback music slightly crackly when the keyboard is messing up, and eventually results in a bluescreen.


I've tried updating the firmware for the keyboard, I'm fairly certain it's not a problem with the USB ports, since it's replicated on the front and back panels. I'm beginning to really think this keyboard itself has a defect- because my friend tested his parents Apple Keyboard for a few days on a very similar hardware setup to mine, and he encountered no problems.


Though another thought I was having.. it could maybe be a driver conflict? I don't know. If someone has any ideas or stories similar to this I would appreciate hearing them.


Edit: I forgot to mention, when the keyboard is repeating keys, a USB device plugged in to the keyboards port (such as a mouse) intermittently drops out.

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