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Dont recognize IDE CD Drive


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Hi to everybody


i'm new user in this comunity and installing mac on PC


i have a problem when finish mi installation on a

Acer Aspire 4315

Celeron 2.13 Ghz

Ram 1.5 SDDR2

Disco WD 80Gb Sata

Optic Disc ATA


dont works


trackpad, keyboard, wired and wireless ethernet adapters, battery but trying i get works

all except the wireless card PCI-E AR242x and when i get works the Marvell Yukon mi optic drive dont work more

i'm ubuntu user i boot from grub whitout problem but i dont know for what dont recognize mi drive now.


please somebody have idea about what kext i need change or qhere i can get the original kext, i think i change the IOATAFamily.kext :D but i i cant get work mi drive again i'm looking for it in kexts.com and here (this forum) witout success.



thx and sorry for my bad english :censored2:


PD: trying to search the problem in Console a get this


12/5/10 4:23:33 PM com.apple.kextd[10] 11IOATADevice is not compatible with its superclass, 9IOService superclass changed?


is the only thing similar jeje




i get a now IOATAFamily.kext and works for me


OS 10.5.8


i have hope work for others

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