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Hi everyone,i'm new here(you can tell by my first post)...

I wanna ask several question about mac osx x86...

Now i'm downloading Mac OSX Tiger 10.4.6 HOTISO from one of our local servers here,and in the coments there one dude told us that this dvd is not patched (it's 4.37Gb ) and it needs to be patched with "JaS.10.4.6.install.dvd.PPF1.rar" he showed one link (http://www.paradogs.com/pdx_ppf3.htm#ppfb) he told that there we can find the prog that can patch the dvd but heck i can see 20 peaces of programs there...so pls tell me wat to do...

Secont i'm not sure in my system... it's AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 1024 ddr, gf fx5900 MSI MB Soltec donno wat exactly(should i know) hdd 120gb maxtor SATA...pls help and thanks for your atention oh and forgive me for my newbness and my english! :)

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