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kingfaul and i need some help


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First off let me introduce myself, my name is Mark. I'm 21 and currently at the university of kentucky. I just got into mac. First i had a dell mini 10 and everyone knows what i did with that. Then i was hooked so i bought a new 13' macbook pro. my problem is that i recently got an old dv6000 with crazy viruses on it. So instead of going through and erasing them, i wipe the system clean and downloaded OS x 10.5. Then i upgraded it to 10.6. the problem is that the wifi doesn't work, and the sound/audio doesn't work. i think everything else works (USB, CD rom, Webcam, mouse, keyboard).


specs off the top of my head.


intel duo core processor

2 gigs of ram

160 gig HDD

(i can't remember the video card)


But i'm sure alot of you have seen this computer. it's the dv6000 limited edition here's a link to a review so you can go off these specs




thanks for the hlep

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