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(help) Half Successful Installation with iATKOS s3 v2 on GX620


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So basically i'm kinda new to the osx86 project thing, but i have a general idea on how this stuff works but basically, i have this Dell Optiplex GX620 Media Tower Specs are as follows:


Intel Pentium D 945 @ 3.4GHZ

Dell 0HH807 mobo.

2GB 667mhz RAM

Intergrated GMA 950 (Currently disabled - i'll explain)

ATi HD Radeon 4350

SoundMax Intergrated Audio

MS Curve / Optical Mouse.


Ok, So i decided i wanted a new operating system besides Windows 7, so i dug up a IDE 80GB hard drive and put it in my PC along with my SATA 500GB (which contains win7) and i fire up the iATKOS DVD, for the first "15" installations i kept getting Kernel panics, so i decided to remove my graphics card and instead use my Intel GMA 950, and voila it works, but... i really need that card to be in full use, i can't remove it when i need to use Snow Leopard and plug it back in if i need to use Windows.


So after the installation I find i'm trying to install Ethernet drivers and Audio Drivers, and to be honest i've done about 5 hours research on how to install .kext files and i've driven myself nuts, i've got KextHelper (i think) i've added both kexts (audio + Ethernet) and it appears to be ok, i reboot and no... the audio still doesn't work, as for the Ethernet i can only see that the it recognizes a Ethernet Adaptor en0 or something but i can't connect.


I can't seem to dual boot, in customization i did select a bootloader but this is probably because my bootloader was installed on my IDE not my SATA, (which it automatically boots into) and the new EasyBCD is kind of annoying as i cannot change the bootloader path! it says NST/macneoGrubsomething.mbr but thats not on my D:/ Drive at all...


i've followed the guide for the ethernet (terminal sudo -s then chown -R 755 AppleBCM5751.kext blah blah thing) no success


but anyways, sorry for making you read all this.. i just want a few answers.


1. How do I setup my ethernet ?(please don't link me to guides, please just explain in simple form in short)

2. netkas's 4350 drivers seems to have died on rapidshare and i can't get into mac with the card, so how can i install ATi HD Radeon 4350 drivers?

3. Is SoundMax Digital Audio AC97? if so it's not working... how do i get sound?

4. How do i change the bootloader path and what IS the bootloader path (for snow leopard) in EASYBCD?


thanks all.. if you can't answer all i'd appreciate if you answer one or two as this is getting on my nerves.

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